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Welcome to Wagga Wagga High School

At Wagga Wagga High School, we are extremely proud of our long history of serving the community. The school was established in 1912 in Gurwood Street and moved to its present location overlooking the city in 1917. It very quickly became affectionately known as the ‘high school on the hill'. In fact, until Mount Austin HS opened in 1967, Wagga Wagga HS was the only government high school in the city.

Part of the culture of our school is our willingness to ‘put our hands up’ and to take on new challenges. As a government-designated technology high school from 1989-1999, Wagga Wagga Technology High School did much in that decade to lay the foundations for the integration of technology into all high schools across the state. Our student welfare, music, careers and vocational education programs have all won state or national recognition in recent years.

We are keenly aware that we are preparing students to take their place in the Australia of the twenty-first century. We have therefore, a strong focus on learning and community values, high expectations for all our students and a positive attitude to change.

We have extensive curriculum options in Years 8-12 as well as a long list of extra-curricular opportunities which we are always looking to expand. Students are recognised for their achievements in the five areas of school life - academic, sporting, cultural, school and community service. We encourage them to use the school motto ‘success through self-discipline’ to work towards achieving a personal level of excellence.

We have very positive links with and ongoing support from our partner primary schools, parents and the wider Wagga Wagga community. We have a very diverse student population which has in fact become a strength of our school. Wagga Wagga High School is indeed, a part of the ‘real world’ and we aim to prepare our students for the roles that they will take in that world.

To our new students, I welcome you to your new school.

Remember that above all, you are here to learn and to do that, you must apply yourself to the best of your ability. This means that in all your classes, you must listen carefully, follow instructions, co-operate with your teachers and fellow students, complete all tasks and behave responsibly.

If you are prepared to “have a go” and do your best, you will be rewarded with good marks and grades, achievement awards, merit certificates, reports you will be proud to take home, a mention in our weekly newsletter Wagga Highlights or on assembly and invitations to a Wagga High Fliers morning tea. We are very keen here at Wagga High to encourage you at all times and to recognise your achievements and successes – I am sure that you will have many. There are also many extra-curricula activities you can be involved in such as sporting teams; debating teams; Tournament of Minds; stage band; orchestra; SRC; excursions; state and national competitions; school and community service opportunities.

There is certainly no need to be bored at Wagga High - become part of the ‘Wagga Wagga High School experience’ and put your hand up for new challenges and opportunities!

To our new parents, welcome to the opportunity to support your child’s education at Wagga Wagga High School.

I look forward to meeting you and invite you to contact the school whenever you wish. There are many opportunities for you to be involved in the life of the school and I urge you to make the most of them. These include: joining in the discussion at P&C meetings; working on a school committee; completing surveys; coming to parent-teacher evenings; helping with working bees; being a canteen volunteer.

Like you, we want your child to achieve his/her best – if we can work together, I’m sure that this will be the case. Be aware that our most successful Year 12 students are those who have developed sound work habits at school and at home right from the beginning of Year 7. You should encourage your child to do just that and not wait until it is too late to make excellence a priority.

I am very proud to be the Principal of Wagga Wagga High School and I am sure that with your support, your child will be proud to say throughout Years 7-12, and in the future, that they are from ‘the high school on the hill’

M Powell

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